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NuSolvent Natural Degreasing Solvent 4 Liter

  • Model: UP013



BC Textile Innovations introduces the best degreaser available on the market. - NuSolvent removes grease, oil, adhesive residue and other hard to remove debris. Works better than regular petroleum based solvents and has the benefits of being a natural product. This product is used to remove grease and adhesives by some of the largest commercial laundries in Canada and the USA - Made from 100% natural renewable resources. All plant based ingredients and is non-toxic to pets, plants and people. Biodegradable. Non-Corrosive and Non-Abrasive. No Chlorine Bleach or Sodium Hypochlorite. No Phosphates or Phosphate derivatives. No Ozone depleating chemicals, No hazardous air pollutants. No Glyco Ethers or petroleum based ingredients. Low VOC levels when diluted. 4 Liter Container.


Adhesive / Tree Sap Remover

Brake Cleaner

Bug / Tar Remover

Car Wash Concentrate

Engine Degreaser

Tire / Wheel Cleaner

Upholstery / Vinyl Cleaner



Adhesive Remover

Air Freshener

Carpet Cleaner

Carpet - Pre-Wash Spotter

Chewing Gum Remover

Countertop Cleaner - Kitchen / Bath

Dishwashing Liquid

Driveway Cleaner / Oil Spot Solvent

Exhaust Hood Degreaser

Floor Cleaner (Vinyl, Ceramic, Wood)

Floor Wax Stripper

Graffiti / Vandal Mark Remover

Grease Traps - Cleaning / Maintenance

Hand Soap / Waterless Hand Cleaner

Jewelry Cleaner

Laundry Detergent / Stain Remover

Paint Brush Cleaner

Paint Stripper / Varnish Remover

Rubber Tire Mark Remover

Stovetop / BBQ Grill Cleaner

Upholstery Cleaner

NuSolvent MSDS


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