NuSolvent Degreaser

BC Textile Innovations supports products that are safe for the environment. The NuSolvent solutions are environmentally responsible and exceptional performers. For commercial cleaning there is nothing we have found better. This product is used by some of the largest commercial laundries in Canada and the USA.

Pure Cleaning Power

Nature's Orange Cleaner - The highest concentration of the single most effective cleaning agent in the world (d'limonene). Simply combine NuSolvent (Nature's Orange Cleaner) with water to formulate effective cleaners for almost any application.

Safe - Nature's Orange Cleaner contains no toxic or corrosive chemicals and leaves no harsh overpowering fumes. It's the most powerful cleaning product to ever be given a GRAS (“Generally Recognized as Safe”) rating by the EPA and a FOOD SAFE status from the U.S. FDA.

Cleaning Power - Don't be fooled by the size. Unlike most cleaning products that contain up to and over 80% water, NuSolvent - Nature's Orange Cleaner - is 100% active ingredient. When used full strength this cleaner can easily dissolve the heaviest of contaminants including tar and heel marks. Mixed with water it can be diluted to formulate virtually any strength cleaner including: Remove Grease, adhesives and other substances quickly and easily from almost any surface including adhesive tape residue off of linen.

Economical - The average cost of cleaning with NuSolvent - Nature's Orange Cleaner - is just 1/8 that of commercial cleaners.

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