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Microfiber General Cleaning Cloth - 15x15" Blue

  • Model: MC1515BL


Min:  12

MicroClean™ Systems Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Not all microfiber cloths are the same. Textile Innovation's MicroClean™ Systems microfiber cleaning cloths feature wedge shaped split microfiber strands designed for superior trapping and removal of all dirt particles while protecting the work surface from scratching. Other microfiber cloths are simply not made to pick up as many particles because of their rounded strand composition. Textile Innovation's larger and heavier (320 GSM) 15" X 15" size gets the job done faster, easier, better and more economically.

Microfiber Technology - Why Is It Better? Microfiber detailing cloths penetrate crevices of the work surface and remove minute dirt particles that are missed by conventional cloths. Split microfiber strands pick up the dirt like a magnet, attracting more than twice as many dirt particles as cotton or disposable towels, without producing any lint. Haze and oily residue left from waxes, polishes, glazes and cleaners are quickly and completely removed.
These premium microfiber cloths are highly absorbent, retaining water/moisture at more than 7 times their dry weight. This enables them to be used for both cleaning and polishing applications. Use a dampened microfiber cloth for cleaning and a dry microfiber cloth for polishing and fingerprint removal. Unlike conventional cloths microfiber cleans glass and mirrors streak-free, even at the corners. Microfiber cloths are also recommended for cleaning chrome, plastic, vinyl and leather.
Multi-Dimensional Construction For High Durability Produced from a blend of polyester and polyamide, the fibers are subjected to a special heat treating process that uniformly splits each fiber into 16 separate "microfiber" strands. Each split fiber is actually 20 times smaller than a strand of silk, and over 200 million strands are used to manufacture just one cloth.

Microfiber Processing Instructions

The knitted fabric will not fray or easily wear out because the split microfiber strands are multi-dimensionally knit. Because each cloth has superior dirt lifting and trapping properties, frequent hot water machine washing is recommended. Each cloth may be laundered up to 500 times at temperatures up to 140 degrees using a standard detergent. Microfiber dries fast and retains original shape. DO NOT use fabric softener.
Surfaces: * Counters and ceramics * Plastic/Plexiglass/Rubber * Stainless Steel/Metal Hardware * Interior Surfaces-Salon/Cabin * Fiberglass/Gel Coat-Hull/Deck
MC1515BL (BLUE) - Min. Order 12 pieces - Bulk Carton size 200 - If you are interested in distributing our microfiber products please give us a call.


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