PositionPro Duet® Bariatric - Slider paneled Knitted bottom

  • Model: SH1144



The all new PositionPro Duet™ patient positioning slider panelled knitted sheet.. The PositionPro Duet™ Slider works with our standard SH020 slider top sheet to create a seamless super-smooth sliding surface that allows for the easiest patient re-positioning in the industry. Patients and Residents find the PositionPro Duet™ the most comfortable slider sheet to sleep on. Your staff will love this system.  Standard Size fits Twin and Single Beds up to 84" Long. Custom sizes can be manufactured. Made in Canada.

*Although the preferred WorkSafe method of position lifting is with an overhead sling device, many low friction slider devices are currently used in many BC Health Authorities for repositioning purposes. *Not to be used as a patient lifting device.





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