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PX750 - All-In-One Digital Garment Label Printer

  • Model: NHPX750



Professionals pay attention to detail and demand perfection. That’s why the LWPX750 is the printer of choice for industrial applications. This printer was designed this printer for the specific needs of Health Care Facilities, Electrical, Industrial and Datacom. Cost-and time-saving features are why professionals buy the LW-PX750. The lifetime warranty, affordable price, lower printing costs and excellent customer service are why professionals love the LW-PX750. Made of industrial grade high-impact plastic, the PX750 is designed for field or desktop use. Auto alphanumeric sequencing plus repeat and mirror printing add to the flexibility of label and heat-shrink tube creation. Labels must be applied with a commercial heat press.

The LW-PX750 Includes:

  • QWERTY keyboard makes text entry fast and easy
  • Drop Stop - Pick and Print Feature
  • Half Cuts to keep multiple labels together - Easy Pull apart.
  • Prints label widths 4mm - 24mm
  • Rechargeable Battery and a universal worldwide 120 V AC adapter that meets USA, CSA, EU, UK, CE, UL electrical standards and requirements for safety and energy reduction
  • 2 Year pro-rated replacement printer warranty.
  • 6 bar code formats for industrial and asset management label identification
  • Comes with one free Garment Label Cartridge and one free Adhesive Label Cartridge valued at $72
  • Compatible with our standard PX Cartridges

Faster / Smarter / Easier / Better​

Text Size Quick Key: Sets type sizes matched to tape width. Eliminates menu prompts. Makes label creation fast and easy.

Font Quick Key: Selects from 14 font styles at the touch of a key for instant label design formats.

Patch Panel, Wrap, Flag Hot Keys: Provides direct access to special function keys for electrical, panel, wire and cable identification. Templates make label creation easier.

QWERTY Keyboard Lets You Find Characters Where You Expect Them Standard style keyboard with bigger keys offers easier text entry and fewer key stroke mistakes when designing custom labels.

Texting Method Lets You Work on the Go Ergonomic printer design with QWERTY keyboard allows for texting method, creating labels faster and easier for users accustomed to operating mobile devices.

Desktop Operation Lets You Work at Your Desk QWERTY keyboard gives users flexibility to make labels on a desk or workbench.


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