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BCTI - TSC™ TSC225 High Capacity Garment Labeling System

  • Model: NH-TTP225-KEY



BC Textile Innovations NHTTP-225 Series Garment Label printer delivers premium performance for Health Care Facility Garment ID labeling printing applications at an affordable price.  The NHTTP-225 features a user friendly clamshell design with a large bulk roll iron-on fabric tape capacity. Designed with no losable parts, it is the perfect size when you need a space-saving printer for 2” wide Garment ID labels.  Simply open the cover and drop your label roll into the printers spring loaded media guide. Insert the easy load Resin Ink roll and you are ready to print. With the included Keyboard there is no need for a computer to run the system. The keyboard has an LCD display and will allow you enter multiple lines of text and print multiple copies. The printer also features a great half-cut option. With the half-cut option you can print a run of the same label and keep them together on one strip and when you need a label you just pull one from the strip.

Key Features

  • Small size – space saving design
  • Thermal Transfer Print Technology
  • Cutter Features Full Cut or Half Cut
  • High quality double walled clamshell design
  • Easy media loading
  • Prints up to 5” per second
  • Heads-up sensor
  • 8MB DRAM, 4MB FLASH memory
  • Serial and USB 2.0 connectivity standard
  • Includes Serial Keyboard with LCD display
  • Uses BCTI 2” Wide Bulk Iron-on Fabric tape rolls
  • Uses BCTI 2” Wide Resin Ink Ribbon
  • Uses as Stand-alone or with a PC
  • Label Software Included

This system provides for the lowest cost per label available on the market. Recommended for facilities with more than 100 beds.  Video - Loading Ink Ribbon

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