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BCTI - PX Iron-on Label Cartridge - White 3/4" Wide x 26 feet

  • Model: NHLTC18-8PX



***The new PX Cartridges work with the New PX700 and PX750 printers as well as our older cartridge printers

BC Textile Innovations Iron-on fabric label cartridges contains more tape (26 feet) than the name brands. Our iron on tape is specifically designed for commercial use and must be applied with a commercial heat press.. These are popular for labeling clothing at camps, nursing homes, laundry facilities, dry cleaners, hotels linen and uniforms or your children's clothing. The labels are super soft and will not irritate skin. The labels adhere to clothing and are completely washable and dry-able. ***These New PX Iron on fabric tape cartridges have the lowest cost per meter than any other Iron on fabric tapes. Our PX iron on tapes work with the PX700 and PX750 portable all-in-one printers. We have tested our labels in a nursing home laundry against Epson, Brother and other Iron on labels and over a period of 3 weeks of continous washing and drying the Brother and the Epson labels had detached from the clothing, however, the BCTI Iron Labels remained strongly attached and completely readable. Application Temperature: 355 deg. F, Application Time: 8 seconds on a commercial heat press.

Cost per label analysis

BCTI - PX Iron On Labels- 3/4" (18mm) x 26 feet (8m) $42.95 ea - using a 1" long label - $0.137 cost per label

Brother P Touch - Iron On Labels - 3/4" (18mm)  Not Available in North America

Epson LC - Iron On Labels - 3/4" (18mm) x 16 feet (5mm) $39.10 ea (Epson) - using a 1" long label - $0.203 cost per label

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