LowProfile Embroidered Emblems - Call for Pricing


Min:  25

LowProfile Embroidered Emblems - Call for Pricing and Minimums

Embroidered Emblem Brochure 2010

LowProfile™ embroidered emblems are manufactured without merrowed over-lock borders and therefore have a lower profile texture. They are typically cut to shape by hand or by using a hot-knife or laser cutter, and are often fully embroidered. Like regular custom embroidered emblems, LowProfile™ emblems are also created using 100% polyester threads and materials and can be finished with either a high-melt industrial grade glue coating or a low-melt commercial grade glue coating for heat seal application. When heat sealed to garments they take on the appearance of direct embroidery. They can also be backed with Velcro® material, a pressure sensitive stick-on backing or a non-woven fabric for hand or sew-on application. LowProfile™ emblems can be equipped with accessory items such as button loops, butterfly clutch pins, grommets...

* 100% polyester construction
* Up to 15 design thread colours
* Minimum quantity ~ 25 units
* Stick-on ~ peel-off
* Direct embroidery look

Emblems have a thin stitched border compared to a merrowed edge.Similar to traditional embroidered emblems, LowProfile™ emblems can be distinguished by the fact that they are not produced with a merrowed (surge over-lock) border, but rather a thin stitched border. This format gives the emblems a "lower profile texture" and more subtle appearance. "Close-cut" in odd shapes, these emblems are better suited for specific free-form designs often providing a truer representation of a given corporate logo, with a lighter weight, blended feel. LowProfile™ emblems work best when heat-sealed to caps, golf shirts, career apparel garments, service uniforms and sporting goods of all types. They are also a perfect sew-on option when emblems are needed in military, volunteer and scouting environments.

Manufactured with 100% polyester threads and fabrics, designs can be partially embroidered allowing for some background fabric to show through, or they can be fully embroidered as the design warrants. These emblems can be backed by high-melt or low-melt film coatings, or manufactured with no glue at all. When applied by heat seal machine, LowProfile™ emblems can even simulate direct embroidery to some extent, depending on design configuration and colour combination. And unlike direct embroidery, they can be removed!

Designs submitted to BCTI will be presented to you in artwork format for approval, and will be custom quoted based on quantity and complexity, taking into account emblem shape, size, stitch count and cutting requirements. These emblems can now be equipped with 15 design colours, up from 9 with no extra cost, and for added convenience, can be ordered in quantities as low as 25 pieces per design.

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