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HiVis Embroidered Emblems - Call for Pricing



HiVis Embroidered Emblems - Call for Pricing

Embroidered Emblem Brochure 2010

Custom embroidered emblems can be made with an array of “safety features” with varying degrees of content, such as high-visibility twill materials. Depending on style and format, they can be finished with either a high-melt industrial grade glue coating or a low-melt commercial grade glue coating for heat seal application. They can also be backed with Velcro® material or a non-woven fabric for hand or sewn-on application. Merrowed or stitched borders and accessory items such as button loops and butterfly clutch pins are also available ~ style and format dependent.

* Safety Emblems
* Hi-Visibility twill materials
* Heat seal or sewn-on application
* Merrowed or stitched borders available
* Accessories and velcro backing available

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