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HiTranz™ Textile Color Transfers - Call for Pricing


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HiTranz™ Screen Printed Transfers - Call for Pricing

Embroidered Emblem Brochure 2010

Available in array of formats depending on the textile or garment use or exposure, HiTranz™ transfers can be manufactured to withstand a range of processing conditions. These transfers are available for lower temperature commercial wash standards as well as industrial laundry processes. HiTranz™ transfers are also available in reflective and flame retardant formats for an added level of security. A direct to garment solution, these transfers can be quickly heat seal applied and are much more durable than traditional direct silkscreen methods.

* Laundry durable
* Flexible alternative to emblems
* Flame retardant & reflective options
* Vivid colour layers

HiTranz™ screen-printed transfers offer an efficient method of embellishing garments, providing rich-coloured and vibrant images. These heat-seal applied transfers are manufactured to exacting design specifications, and are supplied individually cut on a transparent release carrier, allowing for accurate positioning of the image to the garment.

Available in two grade types, high-quality HiTranz™ transfers can be exposed to a range of garment care conditions, from basic home washing to industrial laundering processes. They can be applied to light-weight promotional or corporate work wear, such as golf or dress shirts, and to heavy-duty industrial uniforms. Under certain application conditions, they can even be applied to nylon based items, such as jackets or sports bags.

An alternative to direct silkscreen printing, these transfers can be ordered in multiple colours, will not crack or peel, are not subject to artwork, film or screen charges, and can be inventoried for quick turnaround and delivery to your customers.

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