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GloDark Embroidered Emblems - Call for Pricing



Glow in the Dark Embroidered Emblems - Call for pricing

Embroidered Emblem Brochure 2010

Custom embroidered emblems can be made with an array of “safety features” with varying degrees of content, such as glow in the dark threads. Depending on style and format, they can be finished with either a high-melt industrial grade glue coating or a low-melt commercial grade glue coating for heat seal application. They can also be backed with Velcro® material or a non-woven fabric for hand or sewn-on application. Merrowed or stitched borders and accessory items such as button loops and butterfly clutch pins are also available ~ style and format dependent.

* Safety Emblems
* Glow in the dark threads
* Heat seal or sewn-on application
* Merrowed or stitched borders available
* Accessories and velcro backing available

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