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Embroidered ExtremeBlanks™ Emblems - Call for Pricing


Min:  25

ExtremeBlanks™ Embroidered Blanks - Call for Pricing

Embroidered Emblem Brochure 2010

ExtremeBlanks™ are custom created using base materials supplied by our customers. The textured or patterned material is sheeted, coated and cut to the required dimensions, and finished with or without a merrowed over-lock border edge.

* Complimentary patterned material
* Creates a unique uniform program
* Blends into the surrounding garment surface

ExtremeBlanks™ can be finished with either a high-melt industrial grade glue coating or a low-melt commercial grade glue coating for heat seal application. They can also be backed with a non-woven fabric for sew-on application. When applied to the complimentary garment, these blanks blend in to the surrounding pattern which can provide a cleaner look.

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