Custom Embroidered Emblems - Call for Pricing


Min:  25

Custom Embroidered Emblems - Call for Pricing

Embroidered Emblem Brochure 2010

Custom embroidered emblems are manufactured using 100% polyester twill fabrics and 100% polyester threads. These emblems can be finished with either a high-melt industrial grade glue coating or a low-melt commercial grade glue coating for heat seal application. They can also be backed with Velcro® material or a non-woven fabric for hand or sew-on application. They are characterized by the merrowed over-lock borders applied after embroidery and cutting, which provide a finishing trim and a higher profile edge. They can also be equipped with accessory items such as button loops, butterfly clutch pins, grommets...

* Merrowed borders
* 100% polyester construction
* Up to 15 design thread colours
* Minimum quantity ~ 25 units

Custom embroidered emblems provide an effective means of embellishing garments, creating a corporate identity that can denote membership and team spirit, and can signify different levels of security, rank and distinction. These emblems are traditionally used to personalize industrial work related garments, uniforms worn by members of police, fire, rescue, public works and military services, as well as sporting jerseys and recreational clothing. They can also be used for safety, volunteer, club, and promotional purposes.

Due to varying market needs and applications, the majority of the emblems produced by BCTI are constructed to withstand the harshest working and washing environments. Regular custom embroidered emblems are manufactured with 100% polyester base materials and threads, and are finished with a merrowed (surge over-lock) border, which gives the emblems a higher profile texture. These emblems can be backed with either a high-melt industrial grade glue coating, a low-melt commercial grade glue coating, or with no glue at all. Depending on the backing choice, these emblems can be applied to a wide range of base materials using heat seal equipment or sewing machines.

Each emblem design submitted to BCTI will be reviewed and presented to you in artwork format for approval, and will be custom quoted based on quantity and complexity, taking into account emblem shape, size, stitch count, border and cutting requirements. These emblems can be produced with up to 15 design thread colours with no extra cost, and for added convenience, can be ordered in quantities as low as 25 pieces per design.

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