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If you are looking for a one-stop wholesale supplier for all your linen and related needs you have found the right company. BC Textile Innovations offers a complete line of quality commercial linen, uniforms, laundry carts and related products. Our products are reusable and have a low impact on the environment. We take pride in the sustainable nature our prodcts and how they benefit users throughout North America.  Some of the largest institutional Laundries, Hospitals and Nursing Homes use our products. We also supply the Hotel Industry with Sheets, Towels, and Table Linens. If you have a restaurant you can save with our line of wholesale uniforms, aprons, bar wipes and other food related linen products. Our staff has over 50 years combined experience in the linen and uniform industry. If you are looking for custom linen and uniforms we can do that as well. Get your uniforms embroidered or screen printed to enhance your corporate image. We offer quick turnaround on all orders.

***Customers please note that during this time of Canadian Dollar instability pricing on our website will be subject to change without notice.****

Distributors of Microfiber Mops and Cloths

The primary method of cleaning and mopping floors in Health Care facilities in North America is with split microfiber cloths and flat mops. These microfiber cloths and mops come in a variety of sizes and shapes. BC Textile Innovations has developed the ultimate flat mop for commercial cleaning. We have been offering microfiber mops and cloths for over 10 years and during this time we have worked with our commercial clients to continously improve our products based on their professional recommendations. We are confident that our Microfiber Flat mops and cloths are the best in the industry and will produce better cleaning results and a better cost per use than any other microfiber product on the market.

Garment Labeling Systems

If you are the owner or manager of a Long Term Care Facility you know how much time is spent by your staff washing, drying and sorting the residents personal clothing. Many facilities find this process time consuming and a definite added labour expense. Even in this day and age where technology has provided cost savings in many other areas of Care facility management the basic problem of proper clothing identification is still problematic. Housekeeping and Laundry staff are burdened by the ever increasing number of personal clothing items that need to be labeled. Many facilities are still using antiquated methods to label personal clothing. Staff are continously hampered lost clothing, time spent trying to match the owner with the proper clothing if ID labels have fallen off. These are some of the main reasons we developed our complete Garment Labeling System. A system that takes the guess work out of Identifying personal clothing. No more faded or detached ID labels. Your staff will always know where clothing items belong. Relatives will be pleased that their loved ones clothing is properly accounted for.

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A proven track record of honesty is an important characteristic to look for. You also need to assess the level of prior customer's satisfaction. Look for honest reviews of the company that you are considering using for your wholesale linen needs.

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Online wholesale purchasing provides ease and accessibility to both large and small businesses. Many individuals also enjoy internet purchasing, as this is a convenient way to purchase wholesale linen products. We have designed our store to be completely transparent. We post all our pricing online for your convenience. Our pricing is extremely competitive so we are not worrying about our competition checking out our products and pricing.

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