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Designed for the rigors of emergency medical work, the ProRest has been adopted for use in medical institutions and is available in three different coverings.  All pillows have the same specifications:

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  1. 60/40 Poly/Cotton Washable and comfortable for home use and single patient care.
  2. Vintex Softick:  Exceptional heat transfer and hand have led us to Vintex.  Flame Retardant, Non-Pores and Anti Bacterial  it is wipe-able, durable and comfortable.  
  3. Non-Woven Poly Propylene: Single patient use.  Works best with a water resistant pillow case.

    Fill and Sizes for all pillows:
    Fill: PolyFill
    Small     17”x10”x2.5”
    Medium 18”x11”x3.5”
    Full:       24”x18”x4.5”

Uses and Users:
•Limb Stabilization
•Limb Elevation
•Lumber/Neck Support
•Surgical Positioning
•Short/Long Term Positioning
•Intubations Positioning
•Wheelchair Comfort
•ER/Ambulance Pillow
•Padding Bed Rails/Arm Rests
•Phlebotomy Pillow
•Home Health Care
•Military and Field Hospital Use
•Coast Guard/Ski Patrol Rescue

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