EPSON SS12KW (LC-4WBN) Adhesive Label Tape

  • Model: NHSS12KW



EPSON COMPATIBLE SS12KW (LC-4WBN) Adhesive Label Tape Cartridges
12mm = ½” Wide – 26 feet length - Black on White

These versatile, high quality Epson Compatible Adhesive backed label is available in a convenient cartridge that fits all Epson Label Works printers and the KSUN printers. This tape has a strong adhesive and has a convenient split backing for easy removal. Labels can be removed without leaving glue residue on surfaces. *Not for the new Epson PX Label Printers. *** These cartridges will not work with the PX700 or PX750 Printers.

Epson LW-1000P  
Epson LW-300
Epson LW-400    
Epson LW-400VP
Epson LW-600    
Epson LW-600P
Epson LW-700    
Epson LW-700
Epson LW-900P

KSUN Pearl360 
KSUN Green Machine
KSUN 2011 
KSUN Pearl270

These labels are great for labeling amost anything in your facility. File Folders, Tools, Racking, Food Containers, Chemical Bottles, Drawers, cabinets, anything that needs a label. 

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