Appliqué Embroidered Emblems - Call for Pricing


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Embroidered Appliqué Emblems - Call for Pricing

Embroidered Emblem Brochure 2010

Appliqué embroidered emblems bring together custom embroidery and the technique of stitching together different levels and colours of materials into the design. Made with 100% polyester threads and fabrics, these emblems are generally bigger than standard custom embroidered emblems with larger pieces of fabric in varying colours stitched to the base material, which allows for a reduced stitch count and a unique blended texture of both materials and threads to create the design. Appliqué emblems can be finished with different backing options for heat seal or sew-on application, and can be trimmed with a merrowed border or stitched edge.

* 100% polyester construction
* Up to 15 design thread colours
* Minimum quantity ~ 25 units
* Blend of fabric pieces stitched together
* Perfect solution for large emblems

Ideal for larger emblems used on industrial uniforms or sports jerseys. Appliqué emblem production borrows from a traditional hand-embroidery technique where various base materials of different colour are sewn together (applied) to form a blended base fabric. This process allows for a reduction in the number of threaded stitches required to make specific parts of a design. Instead of using solid embroidery in certain areas, pieces of material, cut to shape, are embedded into the pattern.

This technique applies well to certain designs, chiefly larger back or front emblems used on industrial uniforms or sports jerseys. There are some limitations with respect to the size, shape and amount of inserted material patterns, however, the final product can be very appealing and can illustrate a design¹s overall creativity. And since the patterns within the designs use less stitching, the final emblems are generally more flexible in feel when applied to garments, and cost less than regular solid embroidered emblems.

Appliqué emblems are manufactured with 100% polyester threads and fabrics, and can be finished with or without merrowed (surge over-lock) borders. They are usually not coated with heat seal glues, as in most instances they are too large to be applied with heat seal machines, however glue backings are available if needed, in either highmelt or low-melt grades. Designs submitted to BCTI will be presented to you in artwork format for approval, and will be custom quoted based on quantity and complexity, taking into account emblem shape, size, stitch count and cutting requirements.

These emblems can be produced with up to 15 design thread colours with no extra cost, and for added convenience, can be ordered in quantities as low as 25 pieces per design.

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